Conference Interpreter, member of AIIC


« Translators […] are bridges between people. »
(Victor Hugo)

General and specialized translation

Translation and Interpretation go hand in hand and feed into each other. While the main challenge for an interpreter is to be at the heart of the action and to communicate a speaker’s ideas directly and immediately, a translator can stand back and pick words and expressions that are truest to the original spirit of a given text.

I also translate texts from the areas of expertise that I cover in my everyday life as a conference interpreter.

Areas of expertise

• International Relations
• European Affairs
• General Law
• Economics
• Finance, Microfinance
• Business & Marketing
• Energy & Transport
• Environment, Ecology and Sustainable Development
• Agriculture & Natural Resources
• Health & Nutrition
• Food Safety and Security
• Development Cooperation
• Tourism, Food & Drink
• Humanities & Social Sciences
• Education & Training
• Arts & Literature

Certified translations

As a translator sworn before the Superior Court of Justice of Luxembourg and approved by the Ministry of Justice I also carry out certified translations of legal, administrative and official documents (certificates, records, judgments, diplomas etc.) to meet all your administrative needs.

Do not hesitate to get in touch to request a free non-binding quote.

« Communicating, interpreting, translating into another language requires a special mindset - curiosity for the world around you, empathy for the speaker and, first and foremost, a willingness to be of service to your audience. »