Conference Interpreter, member of AIIC

Conference interpreting

Are you planning to organise a multilingual event with prestigious keynote speakers, a renowned expert or an international artist? Bear in mind the comfort of your guests: call on a team of professional conference interpreters.
Are you interested in hosting a round table on a specific topic featuring only the most esteemed scholars? Bring them together by breaking down language barriers: call on a team of qualified interpreters to ensure that participants can express themselves and listen to one another comfortably.

As a professional conference interpreter I work for some of the world’s most significant international organisations including the European Parliament, the European Commission, the Court of Auditors, the Court of Justice of the European Union and the Council of Europe. My private clients include government ministers, public entities, companies, trade unions, NGOs, cultural institutions, associations and private individuals.

Consider recruiting qualified conference interpreters to make sure that communication at all your events is smooth and effortless:

• International conferences
• Political meetings
• Scientific seminars
• Press conferences
• Colloquia, Workshops, Round tables
• “Open day”-type events
• Information sessions
• Expert group meetings
• Legal hearings
• Trade union events
• Cultural get-togethers
• Exhibition openings

Given that every event is different in terms of subject matter, stakes and target audiences feel free to contact me for further information and support. Together we will find the perfect tailor-made language solution for your specific event.

Professional references

For reasons of confidentiality and professional secrecy I am unable to disclose information about my clients to third parties. I may forward references from the domain of your choice to you on request and after prior approval of the clients concerned.

« Communicating, interpreting, translating into another language requires a special mindset - curiosity for the world around you, empathy for the speaker and, first and foremost, a willingness to be of service to your audience. »